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About us

Established in 1996, Aussie Mortgage Masters has evolved into one of Western Australia’s most progressive mortgage broking companies offering their services in all areas throughout Australia.

Aussie Mortgage Masters,  is a WA owned and operated business, operating out of  Mindarie Marina office.
We are your Local Mortgage Brokers. We Live, Work and Volunteer in your local area.

Why should I use a mortgage broker when looking for finance?

Whether you are looking at moving up to your Dream Home, a First Home buyer or wanting to purchase a property for investment purposes, the sheer volume of lenders and their lending products can leave you totally confused.

The Team at Aussie Mortgage Masters have intimate knowledge of all the various lenders, non-bank lenders and non-conforming lenders in the market, the loans each of them offer, along with their individual features and options. Because of our years in finance, we know the ones that will work for you in your circumstances and the ones that won’t.

Your Aussie Mortgage Masters Broker will work as a liaison between yourself and the lender to negotiate the right home loan to suit your needs and right through to settlement.

7 reasons to use a broker:

1. A Broker gives you Choice: When you walk into ‘a’ bank, they can only offer you products from that lender.   Your Aussie Mortgage Masters broker has relationships with many different lenders, non-bank lenders and non-conforming lenders and are knowledgeable across each lender’s range of products.

2. We work for you: Aussie Mortgage Masters is a LOCAL West Australian company (est.1996) We rely on word-of-mouth, and therefore act in our clients’ best interests at all times.

3. We negotiate for you: Because of our relationship with so many lenders we may be able to negotiate rates that are often better than what you could achieve on your own.

4. We gather the facts:  What are your goals? Are you looking for the cheapest rate? Are you interested in paying off your loan sooner? Are you planning on buying another investment property?

We will interview you to find out what you want out of your home loan and do our best to find the lender and product to suit your needs and goals.

We will complete a Fact Finder with you to gather accurate information on your Income, Assets, Liabilities, Household Expenditure and your requirements – we will then use that information to search through our lenders to find you the right product.

If you are unsure if you have a good Credit Rating, we can check that for you before we start the process.

5. Loan Application: Once you are comfortable with the Lender and product/s, we will complete and submit the mortgage application on your behalf, as well as gather from you the supporting documentation required by the lender.

6. Loan Approval: After you’ve received your loan approval, the mortgage broker can help you understand the document and conditions of the contract.

  1. Right through to Settlement: Your Broker will be there for you all the way to settlement and even after settlement, liaising and negotiating with your lender (if you need us to) even after your loan is settled.

Speak directly to one of the team on their contact information below or go to the ‘click here to send an online enquiry‘ button and send through an email enquiry. Ensure that you include all your contact details so we can get back to to you as soon as possible.

CALL US -1300 666 186