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Buying a Home in Heathridge – Speak to Aussie Mortgage Masters to Help You Beat The Banks

Dear Heathridge Home Buyers,

Whether you are buying your first Heathridge home, buying an investment property, or anything in between, Lynne Cox and Aron Cox from Aussie Mortgage Masters can help you beat the banks and get the best deal for you.

Aussie Mortgage Masters offer the easiest and quickest way for you to arrange your Heathridge home loan without having to walk into a bank. We compare loans from hundreds of lenders such as ANZ, Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, NAB and St George in an instant.

With all of these loans to choose from, your Aussie Mortgage Broker can help you make the right choice. With us, you could save thousands over the length of your term and you won’t have to worry about paying too much. Our Aussie Mortgage Brokers are licensed and will do all the work for you. We will consider your personal needs and will only act in your best interest. In addition, our State of the Art loan comparison software can compare all of the loans from the biggest branches saving hours of your time. It is only common sense to let the professionals at Aussie Mortgage Masters help you find the best deal for your home.
How we can help with Heathridge home loans

How we can Help

There is no right loan for everyone in Heathridge, but there is a right loan for you. There are so many different loans out there making it almost impossible to find the perfect one for your situation.That is where a expert mortgage broker can come in. At Aussie Mortgage Masters, we can compare a range of different loan options to find the deal that best suits you.

Being a First Home Buyer in Heathridge

Taking this step is exciting but also extremely stressful. There are many questions that come with this decision and making the right choices can be difficult, especially when it comes to choosing a home loan. Fortunately, as you are a first home buyer, you may be eligible for a first home buyer grant that can provide some help when purchasing your home. At Aussie Mortgage Masters, we can guide you through all of the steps to get you the best deal on your first home loan.

Speak to us before your speak to a real estate agent as we will be able to let you know what you can borrow comfortably and from who so you don’t over extend yourself when buying a home in Heathridge.

We will look at your savings, your income, your partners situation and all the other factors to inform you of the loan amounts you will be able to borrow. Different lenders have different criteria and we know these intimately meaning that we can help you find the best deal.

Types of Loans in Heathridge

More About Loans

Different Types of Home Loans

The different home loans can be extremely confusing at times, but Aussie Mortgage Masters can help by finding the right loan for you and the right loan structure. When you schedule a meeting with us, we will assist you make an informed decision about which loan is the best option for your personal requirements.

Variable Rate Home Loans

Variable Rate Home Loans can fluctuate depending on the market interest rates. It is one of the most popular options when choosing a home loan and can allow you to pay off your loan quickly. This type of rate provides flexibility which is helpful if you would like to change providers and get a better deal. On the other hand, variable rate home loans are difficult to work with when on a tight budget and rates appear to be on the rise.

At the same time, there were plenty of customers who locked in rates when interest rates were higher and then missed out on, when rates fell. However in 2018, we have seen an extended period of very low rates and it is unlikely variable rates will go down any more for a long time to come in our opinion.

Fixed Rate Home Loans in Heathridge

Fixed Rate Home Loan payments remain the same over the duration of the repayment period. They are also very popular for those on a strict budget however tend to have a higher rates than that of a Variable Home Loan.

Heathridge Mortgage and Home Loans

Split Home Loans for Heathridge Property Buyers

Sometimes we find it useful to provide both types of loans to our Heathridge customers. This can provide some confidence that even if interest rates start to increase, your rate is locked in and you won’t feel mortgage stress as a result of increasing payments. For example: A $350,000 home loan may have $200,000 fixed at 5.5% for 3 years and then other $150,000 component is on a variable rate of 4.2%. After 3 years the fixed loan will revert to a variable rate meaning you can take advantage of all the aspects of the two different types of home loans. Meanwhile you have enjoyed the confidence of knowing you can afford your repayments over this time. You can also make extra repayments off your variable rate loan to pay this down as much as possible.

Other Loans

We offer many other loans as well such as listed below (and we can even help with organising Guarantor Loans)

Interest Only Loans

  • Low Doc Loans
  • Line of Credit
  • Guarantor Loans
  • Introductory / Honeymoon Loans

There are plenty of loans to choose from and Aussie Mortgage Masters can help take the stress away by assisting you to make informed decisions about your Heathridge home loan.

Other Loans We Offer

Aussie Mortgage Masters also offer a range of other loans and financing options as shown below:

Heathridge Investment Loans

  • Business / Commercial Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Equipment Finance
  • Bridging Loans
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Medico Loans

Whatever your circumstances, we will find the deal that’s right for you, not the lender.

Heathridge Money Calculators

Money Calculators

Our list of calculators are extremely useful when finding the loan that best suits you and can take away the many stresses revolving around money. The software allows you to work through a number of different scenarios and help plan your financial situation. Click the link below to take a look at out Mortgage Calculators or simply contact us today so we can guide you step by step through the process.

View all Mortgage Calculators

Comparison Rate Calculator

Loan Comparison Calculator

Savings Calculator

Our Perth team is mobile and we come to you in Heathridge or to any Perth suburb and are always willing to help. We are happy to discuss all of your options and answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today on 1300 666 186 or contact us via email and we will reply as soon as we can:

Aron Cox: [email protected]
Lynne Cox: [email protected]

Regards, Aussie Mortgage Masters

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Thanks again for choosing Aussie Mortgage Masters and we look forward to helping you get your Heathridge Home Loan sorted.

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