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First home buyers


Have you been told you cannot get a home loan without GENUINE SAVINGS?

Don’t worry – Aussie Mortgage Masters has helped plenty of First Home Buyers realise their dream even though they didn’t have genuine savings and they were still entitled to all of the Government incentives available to them.

Helping the kids move OUT OF YOUR HOME and into their OWN!!

More information on the First home Owners Grant.

More reasons to buy now!

Interest rates are at an all time low and houses more affordable than ever at the moment.

Whether you are a First Home Buyer or Investor – This is the perfect time to secure your home at the right price.

How do you ensure you get the property you have set your heart on at the right price?

The best way to make sure you get that DREAM HOME is to go to your Home Opens with a Pre approved home loan in hand.

What is a Pre Approval?

A Pre approved home loan means you have satisfied all of the lenders criteria for a loan. That is they have:

  • checked you have genuine savings or NON genuine savings
  • checked your credit rating
  • checked your employment
  • checked your payslips and/or financials
  • made sure you fit serviceability

Basically it means they have checked everything they need to check to ascertain exactly how much you can borrow.

A Pre Approval for the agreed loan amount will be issued usually only subject to a valuation of the real estate property.

If you take a while to decide on a property, they may ask for a recent payslip to prove you are still working in the same job.
Now is the time to call Aussie Mortgage Masters to arrange that Pre Approval.

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