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Bridging Loans



Bridging loans, can also be called a Go Between Loan, offers you an easy way to purchase your new home before you sell your existing one.

Bridging loans can save you the disappointment of missing out on that special home you have found, because you have not yet sold your current home.


Rather than making two sets of loan repayments while you are in the process of selling your existing home, a Go-Between home loan requires no repayments on the new loan during the Go-Between period.


Eligibility as per the home loan product chosen.

Interest rate options:

A choice between variable and fixed rate options are available for Owner Occupier and Investment loans.

100% offset:      All Go-Between home loans include 100% offset accounts.

Repayments required:

No repayments on the new loan are required in the Go-Between period.

One product:

The same home loan product applies during and after the bridging period.

No rate loading:

No rate loading during the bridging period.


Go-Between period :

Minimum of 4 weeks between purchase settlement and sale settlement.   Up to 6 months of interest capitalisation available.

Loan to value ratio (LVR):

Combined loans cannot exceed 85% (depending on the product used),  of the combined value of the new and existing properties, after taking into account the interest that will be charged on the new loan during the Go-Between period.

Assessment is based on the repayment that will be required once the existing home is sold.

The repayment amount will be based at the end of the loan required to purchase the new home plus;  interest that accumulated on the new loan during the Go-Between period; less  the agreed amount by which the new loan can be reduced upon the sale of the existing property.

Process once existing home is sold:

Once the existing home is sold, the funds must first be used to pay out the existing home loan portion. Then sufficient funds must be paid into the Bridging loan (Go-Between loan), so that the loan reduces to the amount specified in the Go-Between loan contract.

Process if existing home does not sell within Go-Between period:

If the existing home has not been sold once the Go-Between period ends, repayments will be required on the new home loan in addition to repayments on the existing home loan.

Existing home with another Financial Institution

If your existing home loan is with another financial institution, that loan will need to be refinanced to the new lender during the settlement of the Go-Between loan.

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